Frequently Asked Questions


 I have completed the booking on line, what should I do now?

Check your emails to find the booking confirmation message we sent you. Make sure all data reported (flight number, date, contact details, etc.) is correct.


I have not received the booking confirmation email.

It is possible that your booking confirmation email will be directed to your spam folder because of the spam email filters installed. However, if you cannot find it there, please contact us at and we will send it back to you.

What is included in the price? Are there any extra charges?

The price you are given refers to the transportation of 1-4 persons with their luggage to the required destination. There is no extra charge (such as fees etc.).


Which vehicle will be waiting for me?

Our fleet consists of luxury cars Mercedes, Toyota, Skoda, etc. All in excellent condition, equipped with all modern facilities and comply with all legal requirements, licenses and insurance coverage of Greek law.


How will I recognize your partner and where will they expect me?

Our partner will be waiting for you at the airport / port / station arrivals hall, holding a sign with your company logo or your name. It stands near the arrival gate where it can be easily identified. Once you find him, walk over to him.


What if my plane / ship / bus is delayed?

There is no reason to worry. We are always in touch with the airport / port / bus information office to know the exact time of your arrival so you can arrange your pickup time accordingly.


What if I get to the meeting point before the driver?

This is practically impossible unless something extreme happens like an accident. In this case, all you need to do is stay at the meeting point until our partner arrives or contact us at our help desk. A replacement vehicle will already be on the road.


What if we need a baby seat for kids?

You should specify this when booking. Required equipment will be available on hired vehicle at no extra charge.


What if I have a lot of luggage?

There is no luggage limit as long as they can fit in the vehicle's storage. Please note that up to 4 suitcases and 4 small luggage can be fitted in a car luggage compartment.


Can I smoke in the car?

We would like to remind you that according to European Union law, smoking is not allowed in taxis.


I can't find my desired destination via the online booking system.

Our booking system supports many landings and landings but not all, so please contact us at to let us know your desired pick-up and drop-off points and we will contact you as soon as possible. possible for more information.


I just want a sightseeing tour or an archaeological visit. Possible;

Feel free to contact us at and let us know your desired excursion so we can find the most suitable offer at an affordable price.


Can I also book my return trip?

You can do this when booking online. You always have the option to contact us at and we will proceed accordingly.


Can I change the booking date?

Of course, you can do so at no extra charge, provided that you notify us at least 24 hours before the date already closed. You can also contact us at or call our support office.


What if a strike, emergency or something unforeseen happens?

We guarantee that we will do everything possible to get you to your destination smoothly. For any other information, please contact us at


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